15 Cutest Crochet Cat Patterns to Make in 2021


What’s on your “to-crochet” list for 2021? I feel like a lot of people like to start on big projects this time of year. Having small projects to work on is perfect for when you need a break from a big project. You don’t need to buy special yarn and you don’t really need to know that much about crocheting soft toys either. These sweet cats are all pretty easy to crochet! You can make them and display them on a shelf or a desk. Or you could make them to gift to a friend or a child for a special occasion – like a birthday or Valentine’s Day! You could even make them to give to charity. No matter what you decide to do with your new crochet companion, you are sure to have fun making them! 

1.Small Long-Legged Cat

Small Long-Legged Cat - Easy Crochet Cat Patterns for Beginners

Designer: Engsidrun

Meow! Say hello to this cute little long-legged cat. She’s only 6” tall but what she lacks in height she makes up for in charm. The large eyes and lower placement make her look like a cartoon and the long legs are perfect for posing.

2. Pusheen-Cat with Donut

Pusheen-Cat with Donut - Easy Crochet Cat Patterns for Beginners

Designer: Roxy Crochet

Cats that are fluffy and fat are so cute and squishy. This Pusheen Cat likes to carry a snack along with her in case she gets hungry. Her favorite snack is donuts, of course! She especially likes the colorful ones with lots of frosting and sprinkles.

3. Small Cat with Joined Legs

Small Cat with Joined Legs - Easy Crochet Cat Patterns for Beginners

Designer: Lillieliis

Level up your amigurumi skills with this simple cat pattern. You will learn how to crochet the legs and the body all in one piece rather than making the legs separately and sewing them on. You will also learn how to customize your kitty with a ruffled skirt or striped shirt.

4. Playing Cats

Playing Cats - Easy Crochet Cat Patterns for Beginners

Designer: Little Bear Crochets

You can always tell when a cat is in a playful mood. My cat does the exact same pose as these Playing Cats when she is getting ready to pounce on a cat toy! The interesting position of these cats make them a little trickier to crochet, but don’t worry because this free crochet pattern includes lots of helpful pictures!

5. Sitting Cats

Sitting Cats - Easy Crochet Cat Patterns for Beginners

Designer: Repeat Crafter Me

Kitten hugs are extra sweet and squishy with these larger sitting cats. I love the brightly colored eyes and the expression on the cats’ faces. The best part is the lovely bendy tails. The secret to that clever little trick is a pipe cleaner.

6. Jenny the Cat

Jenny the Cat - Easy Crochet Cat Patterns for Beginners

Designer: Love Life Yarn

Jenny the Cat loves to climb trees and get into trouble. You’ll be using worsted weight yarn and a 5 mm hook, so the project should go by pretty quickly and the finished result will be about 10” tall. To complete the look you will stitch on the facial features and tie a ribbon around her neck.

7. Calico Cat

Calico Cat - Easy Crochet Cat Patterns for Beginners

Designer: Firefly Crochets

You can just tell that this colorful calico cat loves to play. She has such an interesting pose and a lovely and curious face. I think the designer really captured the look of a calico cat with the mismatched ears and random patches of orange and black.

8. Chester the Curious Christmas Cat

Chester the Curious Christmas Cat - Easy Crochet Cat Patterns for Beginners

Designer: All About Ami

A cute cat and stocking make for an adorable Christmas decoration that is sure to make you smile every time you see it. This highly detailed tutorial has lots of pictures and you’ll be pleased to note that the top of the stocking isn’t faux fur (which can be tricky to work with) but actually regular yarn brushed out.

9. Caity Cat

Caity Cat - Easy Crochet Cat Patterns for Beginners

Designer: The Green Dragonfly

Add a touch of whimsy to your home decor or office with this colorful crochet cat. This project is great for using up leftover yarn, because you’ll be using very small amounts of lots of different colors. Don’t forget to add bright button eyes.

10. Cat w/ Kitten

Cat w/ Kitten - Easy Crochet Cat Patterns for Beginners

Designer: Grietjekarwietje

Children will love playing with this mommy and kitten set. The small size of the cats is perfect for playing with a dollhouse or for giving the cats a ride in their pocket. This is a nice quick crochet project that uses really small amounts of yarn. (Scroll down for the English translation)

11. The Minima(listic) Cat

The Minima(listic) Cat - Easy Crochet Cat Patterns for Beginners

Designer: Eserehtanin

I don’t know how some people can think that black cats are bad luck. I mean, just look at that curious little face! This minimalistic cat looks great with bright green safety eyes and an expressive, bendable tail.

12. Rainbow Hamburger Cat

crochet Rainbow Hamburger Cat easy pattern - Easy Crochet Cat Patterns for Beginners

Designer: Nine Inspired

What could be more comforting than food and cats combined? This squishy hamburger kitty is made with small amounts of each color of yarn so you can use your scraps. Tip: If you don’t have a big yarn stash yet, you can buy a single skein of cake yarn and separate the colors. 

13. Itty Bitty Crochet Kitty

Itty Bitty Crochet Kitty - Easy Crochet Cat Patterns for Beginners

Designer: Thoresby Cottage

What a fun name to say! This itty bitty crochet kitty will fit nicely in the palm of your hand or your pocket. The body and the ears are all made in one piece, so you only have to sew on the tail. Tiny details bring this little cat to life – like the delicate facial features, the pink fuzz in the ears, and the stripes on the back.

14. Long-Legged Cat

Long-Legged Cat - Easy Crochet Cat Patterns for Beginners

Designer: Kristi Tullus

Cats can be very stubborn and independent. This expressive long-legged cat really captures that “I don’t wanna” essence. The long legs and arms are perfect for posing – especially if you want to cross the arms as shown.

15. Cat in Striped Pajamas

Cat in Striped Pajamas - Easy Crochet Cat Patterns for Beginners

Designer: Ana Artedetei

A snuggly cat in striped pajamas is the perfect sleeping companion for children. This cute crochet cat design is so fun and unique. I love the striped fabric lining in the ears and the contrasting color for the bridge of the nose. Very creative!

Do a happy cat dance! I hope these patterns made you smile. Which crochet cat pattern is your favorite? Do you have a favorite cat pattern that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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